Feature Friday! Your Landscapers LLC

This semester, the Dingman Center will be conducting interviews with the 11 student startups participating in our in-person New Ventures Practicum!

Founders: Jared Lindhurst ’24, Business Management & Supply Chain Management, Julian Medrano ’24, Economics

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?

Lindhurst: We are a locally owned and operated Landscaping company located in Anne Arundel County. We offer a variety of services including lawn mowing, junk removal, yard cleanups, and mulching. We work to create a better community one house at a time.

Medrano: Your Landscapers LLC is the best landscaping team serving Anne Arundel County, Maryland! This was an opportunity for my business partner and me to gain business experience, and it has transformed into a fully functioning business.

DC: What or who is your biggest influence on your startup?

Lindhurst: The ability to create my own hours and control my own future.

Medrano: My biggest influence is undoubtedly my mother. She is currently the co-owner of two businesses (a cleaning company and a mobile notary business) and she recently quit her job to pursue her businesses full-time.

DC: How did you come up with the name of your venture?

Lindhurst: Your Landscapers was created to let our customers know we represent them and
the community.

Medrano: Jared and Max (former co-owner), and I just wanted to come up with a simple name that could easily be recognized by our community. I take full credit for thinking of “Your Landscapers LLC” (you can tell how creative I can be).

DC: What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen?

Lindhurst: Building our brand and name reputation. This is done by putting our best effort into all the work we do and letting our quality of service speak for itself.

Medrano: The most important thing I am working on is getting a grant for our business, to fund our next big purchase which is a stand-on mower. I am working closely with my mom, who has many connections from her cleaning business.

DC: As a student business owner, what motivates you?

Lindhurst: My drive to step outside of my comfort zone along with the ability to support myself now and in the future.

Medrano: I am motivated by achievement. I believe that I can accomplish many goals with this business and this makes me constantly strive for improvement.

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Lindhurst: Never close a door that hasn’t been opened yet. Allow yourself to take risks and grow from the experience.

Medrano: I would say that business is all about dedication. If you are willing to work through the hard times, then you will often be rewarded for your effort. Also, connections are a big thing in business! It isn’t always about what you know, since who you know could be more impactful.

Feature Friday! Under the Radar Clothing Company

This semester, the Dingman Center will be conducting interviews with the 11 student startups participating in our in-person New Ventures Practicum!

Founder: Dominic Sims ’24, Business Management

DC: Which Dingman Center programs have you been involved with?

Sims: I am currently a Dingman intern for Student Programs. I have been a part of the Terp Startup Accelerator, and I have attended quite a few networking events. My venture has been a part of Terp Marketplace and the New Venture Practicum Course.

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?

Sims: My venture is a community. The community emphasizes inclusion, collaboration, and education to reduce the stigma around plant-based medicine. We hope to spark a conversation between two people, to educate one another about how this medicine could potentially help them. We are not encouraging people to use the medicine, but to open their minds and get rid of prejudices.

DC: What or who is your biggest influence on your startup?

Sims: My biggest influence on my startup is myself. My brand is centered around my personal values and my hope to change the world by listening to others and not judging before we hear their story.

DC: How did you come up with the name of your venture?

Sims: The name Under the Radar came from my liking of making an impact without being in the spotlight. The graphics on the clothing are meant to be discreet and flying under the radar is another way to say discreet.

DC: What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen?

Sims: Right now I am focused on getting people to join the community. I have been passing out flyers and encouraging everyone to follow the venture’s Instagram @clothing.utr

DC: As a student business owner, what motivates you?

Sims: What motivates me is to create generational wealth and break the cycle of working and still not having money. I want my future kids to not share some of the experiences that I’ve gone through. I also want to help people who may feel as though there is no solution to their health problems or do not want to use opioid medications. My goal is to build a community where people feel as though they can be themselves without feeling stuck in one category.

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Sims: The advice I would give other entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to take risks. We often feel like we have to have all the answers before we address the problem but making that leap can be the best teacher. Failure is a step closer to success, so don’t view it as a negative but a step closer to your goal. Also, take everything with a grain of salt and make strategic decisions for yourself. You know how you want your business to look and it is best to fail on your own terms rather than fail on someone else’s.

Feature Friday! BetterU

This semester, the Dingman Center will be conducting interviews with the 11 student startups participating in our in-person New Ventures Practicum!

Founder: Saurabh Chapagain’25, Technology Entrepreneurship

DC: Which Dingman Center programs have you been involved with?

Chapagain: I have been involved with the New Venture Practicum. This is my first semester at UMD, I transferred in from UMBC. I plan on doing the Dingman Pitch Competition as well as the summer Terp Accelerator Program.

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?

Chapagain: BetterU is making the world a better place by promoting healthy habits with our app that gamifies habit-building and encourages people to become their best selves in a fun and social way. Users can join tribes, earn points, and compete to stay consistent and accountable for their self-improvement journey.

DC: What or who is your biggest influence on your startup?

Chapagain: I built BetterU to solve the problems I was facing in my own self-improvement journey, specifically with staying consistent. My goal was to create something that would help people stay consistent with their habit-building efforts and find joy in the process.

DC: How did you come up with the name of your venture?

Saurabh pitching BetterU during Launchpad’s demo day.

Chapagain: I wanted the name to be something that would describe the outcome for people using our app. So I went with “BetterU”, because we help you become the better you!

DC: What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen?

Chapagain: We are working on getting our app shipped to both the App Store and Google Play store. We have been in closed beta since early September and believe that now is the right time to give the public access to our revolutionary app.

DC: As a student business owner, what motivates you?


Building things that will help make the world a better place is what drives me. 

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Chapagain: Talk to customers, build fast, and be relentless.

A Stitch in Time: Slut for Yarn Weaves Success with E-Fund Award!

Here at Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, we’ve always known that the textile of success is woven with the yarns of innovation, determination, and creativity. It’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to spotlight one of our latest E-Fund recipients, a rising star in the world of fashion and sustainability: Slut for Yarn!

Crafting a Solution to Sartorial Dreams

Slut for Yarn isn’t your run-of-the-mill clothing venture. In a world where ethical fashion is becoming increasingly paramount, this entrepreneurial gem has hit the needle on the head. By creating customizable, ethical crochet and knit apparel, Slut for Yarn stitches together the diverse threads of customers’ personalities, allowing them to shine at festivals, vacations, themed events, and much more.

Imagine having an easy, affordable option for snagging that perfect unique outfit tailored specifically to your taste and ethos. That’s precisely what Slut for Yarn offers—a bespoke service that doesn’t pull the wool over your eyes but instead wraps you in authenticity.

Investing in the Fabric of the Future

So, what’s the E-Fund being spun into? We’re proud to report that Slut for Yarn has been awarded a total of $1,000 to fuel their growth in this bustling marketplace. The bulk of this cozy cashmere sweater of funding—approximately $400—will be threaded toward registering a federal trademark for their distinctive name and logo, safeguarding their brand and ensuring they’re not just another drop stitch in the industry.

Next up, a sum of $500 will be invested in a Brother SE700 sewing and embroidery machine. This isn’t just any machine; it’s the catalyst for Slut for Yarn to interlace their crochet and knit magic more swiftly and seamlessly. It’ll expand their product range to include sewn and embroidered fabric, letting their creativity zigzag across even more styles and textures.

A Pattern of Success

What about the last few strands of that funding? A cozy $100 blob of cashmere will be plowed into a bulk purchase of high-quality yarn. And not just any yarn—this is the good stuff. This budget-friendly yet upscale material means even more sustainable, splendid creations for customers and a patchwork of new possibilities for the venture.

Wrapping Up Warmed in Success

In the loop of entrepreneurship, it’s ventures like Slut for Yarn that truly purl above the rest. The Dingman Center is beyond proud to support such a venture that’s knot only passionate about their craft but also mindful of the mark they leave on the world and in the wardrobes of their customers.

Stay tuned to see how Slut for Yarn spins this golden opportunity into a tapestry of triumph.

Let’s raise our knitting needles and embroider some hearty congratulations for Slut for Yarn—may your stitches stay tight, your patterns bright, and your success ever-knitting.

Excited to know more about Slut for Yarn and other entrepreneurial ventures taking shape? Keep an eye on the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship blog for further updates and stories of innovation and determination we can all get wrapped up in!


Wittle Spoonies: A Beacon of Creativity and Support for Spoonies Everywhere

The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is thrilled to shine a spotlight on an inspiring venture that is not only an embodiment of creativity but also an agent of awareness and encouragement. Wittle Spoonies has captured the hearts of many and stands out as a rising star in our community. We are excited to announce that Wittle Spoonies has been granted an E-Fund investment of $485 to propel their admirable mission forward.

Bringing Creativity and Comfort to the Spoonie Community

Wittle Spoonies is more than just a brand—it’s a heartfelt initiative that supports individuals living with Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. By cleverly using the term “spoonies” – a moniker embraced within chronic illness communities to signify units of energy – the venture creates delightful merchandise designed to resonate deeply with those who understand the daily struggle of managing their spoons.

The products offered by Wittle Spoonies are a blend of whimsical artistry and considerate representation. Through their charming merchandise – which includes glow-in-the-dark stickers, epoxy stickers, shaped pillows, tote bags, and mirror keychains – Wittle Spoonies becomes a voice for those who often feel invisible or misunderstood. These small yet powerful tokens serve a dual purpose: to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia and to spread joy among those who fight unseen battles every day.

E-Fund Investment: Fueling Growth and Reach

With an array of items designed to be both personal and shareable, the use of the $485 E-Fund couldn’t come at a better time for expanding Wittle Spoonies’ scope of influence. The investment will be thoughtfully allocated across various needs to maximize impact:

  • $43 for 100qty. of 2.5″ glow-in-the-dark stickers.
  • $14 for 50qty. of 1.5″ glow-in-the-dark stickers.
  • $78 for 200qty. of 2″ epoxy stickers.
  • $89 for 15qty. of 7″ shaped pillows.
  • $87 for 25qty. of 34x38cm tote bags.
  • $37 for 80qty. of 58mm mirror keychains.
  • $105 for shipping to ensure the merchandise reaches spoonies far and wide.
  • $10 for self-adhesive hangers to showcase the creative stickers attractively.
  • $22 for Azar display hooks to enhance the visual appeal at events.
  • $80 for transportation to upcoming events, where the Wittle Spoonies story can be shared and celebrated.

Join Us in Celebrating and Supporting Wittle Spoonies

The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship proudly congratulates Wittle Spoonies on their E-Fund investment and eagerly anticipates the wonderful strides they will make in advancing their cause. We urge you, our cherished community, to join us in supporting and celebrating this remarkable venture.

Whether you identify as a spoonie, love someone who does, or simply appreciate the artistry and mission of Wittle Spoonies, your support can take many forms. Follow their journey, purchase merchandise to gift or keep, or spread the word to help Wittle Spoonies reach all corners of the spoonie universe.

With creativity as their canvas and compassion as their brush, Wittle Spoonies is poised to make a colorful splash in the lives of many. Let’s rally behind them and watch them grow!

To learn more about Wittle Spoonies and other ventures paving the way for a better tomorrow, stay tuned to the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship blog and follow us on our social media channels.

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Dream of Coffee: Brewing a New Generation of Specialty Coffee Lovers With the E-Fund Grant

Calling all coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurial spirits! The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is thrilled to pour out some fantastic news – “Dream of Coffee” (DOC), an innovative venture steaming with potential, has been awarded an E-Fund grant to energize and expand their operations. We are ecstatic to announce that they will be receiving a bold infusion of $1,500 to help them on their mission to revolutionize the coffee industry for the new wave of java aficionados.

Perking Up Coffee Culture

Dream of Coffee is far from your average café startup. It’s spearheaded by a group of go-getters determined to confront a bitter truth in our coffee culture. Today’s vibrant GenZ crowd craves not just a caffeine kick but also a flavorful and social experience when it comes to their coffee habits. Sadly, they’re being served a cup of compromise – cheap, commercial-grade beans masked with artificial flavorings.

DOC isn’t just about brewing cups; it’s about revamping perceptions and connections. They’ve identified an unmet need amongst GenZ coffee lovers for authentic, specialty-grade coffee and are on a mission to fill this void with sustainable passion. Their goal? To rebrand coffee as a connective thread that weaves together social interactions while promoting specialty coffee roasters and equipment companies.

Caffeinating the Campus and Beyond

Operating primarily on campus, Dream of Coffee has sparked conversation and community with their weekly coffee socials, demonstrating the varied, rich tapestries of coffee brewing methods directly to the University of Maryland students. These gatherings have become a hub for connection, learning, and enjoyment, with attendance reaching the hundreds – a testament to the venture’s resonance and allure.

With the awarded E-Fund, Dream of Coffee plans to intensify these experiences, brewing beyond the campus confines. The E-Fund grant will facilitate the purchase of much-needed equipment and merchandise, including:

  • A professional Breville the Bambino® Plus Espresso Machine – Because every great coffee social depends on a great espresso ($500)
  • Merchandise like t-shirts and hats – So sip in style and showcase your coffee community support ($300)
  • A Baratza Encore ESP (Electric Burr Coffee Grinder) – For the freshest grind and the best flavors ($200)
  • Three Slow Pour Supply Latte Art Pitchers – Elevating the art in your coffee art ($150)
  • Two Origami Dripper Bundles – Combining traditional techniques with modern flair ($130)
  • Two Fellow Stagg Pourover Sets – For the pursuit of a perfect pour-over ($160)
  • A budget for tax, shipping, and those inevitable unexpected costs ($60)

Charting New Grounds

Dream of Coffee is not content with merely dodging the drip of the status quo. They are enrolled in BMGT468R – Fearless Founders, underlining their commitment to entrepreneurship and education. As they plan to host larger coffee socials and cast their net further into and beyond the Maryland community, Dream of Coffee is ready to steep their vision into reality.

Heartfelt congratulations to Dream of Coffee for being selected as an E-Fund grant recipient! Watch this space, as DOC and its passionate founders are poised to make a splash in the coffee scene, one cup at a time. Share this journey with them, and let’s raise our mugs to their success!

To all the entrepreneurial dreamers out there – the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is your partner in bringing those dreams to life. Who knows? Perhaps your venture will be featured here next, providing just the jolt our community needs. Keep on brewing those ideas! ☕🌟

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Revolutionizing Essay Grading: EssayGraderAI Receives E-Fund for AI-powered Innovation

Here at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, we are always thrilled to highlight groundbreaking ventures that are reshaping industries through innovative solutions. Today, we are proud to congratulate EssayGraderAI for securing a significant funding grant from our Entrepreneurship Fund (E-Fund). EssayGraderAI, an exceptional startup, has been leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the way professors grade essays. In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable features and benefits of EssayGraderAI while shedding light on the financial support they received from the E-Fund to further fuel their mission.

Solving a Common Pain Point:

EssayGraderAI addresses one of the most tedious and time-consuming elements of a professor’s role – grading essays. With their cutting-edge technology and AI algorithms, EssayGraderAI significantly streamlines the essay grading process, allowing professors to say goodbye to long, sleepless nights spent marking papers.

Benefits that Boost Productivity:

The core strengths of EssayGraderAI lie in its extraordinary features that set it apart from traditional grading methods:

  1. Lightning Fast Feedback: By harnessing the power of AI, EssayGraderAI can grade essays in the blink of an eye. No more laborious hours spent deciphering students’ work and providing feedback – EssayGraderAI delivers results rapidly, allowing professors to efficiently allocate their time to other valuable academic tasks.
  2. Reliable Outcomes: Powered by Retrieval Augmented Generation, EssayGraderAI eliminates grading discrepancies and ensures dependable results. Professors can trust that the feedback provided by their AI-enabled assistant adheres to the highest standards.
  3. Personalized Criteria: EssayGraderAI offers customizable rubrics and grading instructions, empowering professors to maintain their unique teaching style and standards. This flexibility ensures that the grading process remains tailored to individual professors while embracing the advantages of AI technology.
  4. Deep-Dive Analytics: With EssayGraderAI, professors gain access to advanced analytics at both the student and class levels. These insights help them foster a thorough understanding of their students’ progress and enable them to make more informed instructional decisions.
  5. Seamless Integration: EssayGraderAI seamlessly integrates with existing Canvas Learning Management Systems (LMS), minimizing disruption and allowing professors to adopt this innovative tool with ease. No extensive changes to their workflow are necessary.

Financial Support for Growth and Development:

With the grant received from the Dingman Center’s E-Fund, EssayGraderAI can scale up its operations and continue delivering exceptional value to professors within the educational community. The funds allocated for a 3-month period will cover various vital costs:

  • AWS Lightsail server (2 months): $50
  • Bubble prototyping (1 month): $30
  • Website hosting (3 months): $39
  • OpenAI API: $121
  • Domain name: $10
  • Total: $250


EssayGraderAI’s groundbreaking approach to essay grading is transforming the landscape of education through the power of AI. By successfully securing funding from our Entrepreneurship Fund, EssayGraderAI is poised to revolutionize the industry by providing professors with lightning-fast, reliable, and personalized feedback for their students. As we congratulate EssayGraderAI on their accomplishment, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive impact they will continue to make in classrooms worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship!

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Feature Friday! Dream of Coffee

This semester, the Dingman Center will be conducting interviews with the 11 student startups participating in our in-person New Ventures Practicum!

Founder: Reid Xu ’24, Economics

DC: Which Dingman Center programs have you been involved with?

Xu: I am part of E-Fund, BMGT 461 Entrepreneurship, BMGT 468R Fearless Founders, and Startup Shell.

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?

Xu: Dream of Coffee (DoC) is a specialty coffee social hub that embodies the fourth wave of coffee and connects people through great coffee. It aims to bridge the gap disconnect between regular coffee drinkers and the world of specialty coffee by making specialty coffee more accessible and affordable while inspiring more people to start making their own coffee.

DC: What or who is your biggest influence on your startup?

Dream of Coffee weekly coffee socials where students connect with each other through tasting specialty coffee.

Xu: The firm belief that coffee connects us, and it is so much more than just a commodity.

DC: How did you come up with the name of your venture?

Xu: When I was first creating a name for my venture, I thought that it had to be catchy, has to have the word “coffee” in it,  and has to have a cool logo. After some sketches and an all-nighter on Adobe After Effects, the name/logo – Dream of Coffee was born, and the acronym “DOC” is easy to say and remember and makes up a coffee cup, which is the logo. 

DC: What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen?

Xu: I’m looking for more specialty coffee roasters and companies to be our partners, and I’m doing it by actively searching and reaching out to different businesses.

DC: As a student business owner, what motivates you?


  1. My passion for specialty coffee and making a positive impact on the industry through my venture 
  2. The fact that my venture is connecting people with specialty coffee and each other. 
  3. Bringing a vision/an idea gradually to life

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Xu: Believe in your idea, do your research, and inspire others to join your team 

Feature Friday! Billz Software Inc.

This semester, the Dingman Center will be conducting interviews with the 11 student startups participating in our in-person New Ventures Practicum!

Founder: Ben Blaine ’25, Business Management

DC: Which Dingman Center programs have you been involved with?

Blaine: Surprisingly, this is my first time involved with the Dingman Center. I had attended the Pitch event last semester and was fascinated by it so I decided to research more about the center and came across the course Fearless Founders which I am currently enrolled in. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a business/idea who is looking to take that next step and is lost on how to do so.

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?

Blaine: Billz is an app-driven platform that intends to completely change how consumers interact and receive receipts. We plan to be a centralized platform through which you can manage all your in-store and online purchases and completely eliminate paper receipts. Billz will grant users the ability to monitor and track purchases, returns, expenses, and any other purpose that a receipt may have while also incentivizing users.

DC: What or who is your biggest influence on your startup?

Blaine: Definitely my Dad. He has always evaluated any business idea that I would go to him with from the perspective of an investor. He always pushes me to take chances and encourages me to never let an opportunity slip away.

DC: How did you come up with the name of your venture?

Blaine: Unfortunately, it was not one of those “wow” moments where it all just clicked. I kind of just started brainstorming for a name that was one syllable and just stuck with Bills with a Z. Billz.

DC: What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen?

Blaine: We are currently working full-time on getting our MVP (first iteration) developed to be shared with friends and family. We are working closely with a high-end development team to make sure that all timelines and milestones are achieved to get to our next capital raise round.

DC: As a student business owner, what motivates you?

Blaine: I am really motivated to create something that will leave a lasting impact. I want to feel as if I am contributing to whatever I am working on and truly innovating society. The world of startups is rigorous and complex but it can also be extremely satisfying. Balancing both student and work responsibilities is tricky but it enables me to maximize my productivity levels daily.

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Blaine: Just go. Stop thinking about it or dreaming about what could be. If you believe in it, there is no better time in life than now. I won’t deny that some steps are daunting and seem as if they can never be resolved but the only way anything can be accomplished is by continuously improving.


The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is proud to announce its fourth cohort of the Terp Startup Fellows program, made possible by a generous donation from Dingman Center board member Bill Boyle ’81. This program was created due to the success of Terp Startup Accelerator, the center’s eight-week summer program which has been running for eight years. Terp Startup Fellows aims to further advance the most promising student startups and selects student founders from the accelerator program who have demonstrated a strong commitment to their ventures and the ability to innovate as they push toward commercialization. The Dingman Center has named three Terp Startup Fellows ventures for the 2023-24 academic year: Wise Cities, Mindgrasp, Korion Health, and Platybase.

The founders of these three ventures will receive up to $20,000 in non-dilutive funding, coaching, and co-working space to work on their businesses for 10 hours a week with the Dingman Center. These founders have all been heavily involved with the Dingman Center’s programs and have all participated in the Terp Startup Accelerator. The founders have also w966.on several awards and accolades outside of the university through the entrepreneurial community.

Throughout the next year, the Dingman Center team including Tsega Tadesse Belachew, Lottie Byram, MPH, Michael Hoffmyer, MPA, and Alex Onufrak ’21, will work directly with the selected fellows and their ventures.

“During the last few years, the Terp Startup Fellows program has provided individualized support and funding for our most advanced founders,” said Belachew, director of venture development at the Dingman Center. “The fellowship has enabled founders to grow their ventures by capitalizing on initial business traction and securing additional funding. We are excited about a strong and diverse cohort of founders this year leading technology ventures that are working to solve problems across industries: mental health, food delivery, and architecture.”

Student ventures selected to participate in the 2023-24 Terp Startup Fellows

Korion Health, founded by Akshaya Anand 23′ and Anna Li, is developing an electronic stethoscope and guided user interface to allow anyone to record their heart and lung sounds independently from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Korion Health has accomplished several milestones, most notably the submission of its non-provisional patent. This past summer, Korion Health grew a large community of over 900 supporters and surpassed its crowdfunding goal, raising over $150k from 176 investors. Additionally, Anna and Akshaya received top awards in several pitch competitions such as the Johns Hopkins Healthcare Design Competition and Terp Startup Demo Day. They are also finalists in the American Heart Association and BNY Mellon UpPrize Social Innovation Challenge pitch competitions. Live Streaming of the American Heart Association pitch competition will be available on Oct 19!

Mindgrasp, founded by Thai Cao ’24 and Shayan Khanlarbeik year 22’, is a platform that aims to make learning easy, fun, and accessible for students. Mindgrasp provides a suite of tools that will personalize your learning experience – granting you the ability to create AI-powered flashcards, notes, and quizzes, and get answers based on any content you upload. Mindgrasp had its official launch in November 2022 with 0 subscribers to their platform. Since then they have reached 15k+ active subscribers. Mindgrasp has amassed over 50 million views on social media and plans to refresh its entire product to service even more of its total addressable market.

WISE Cities, founded by Marie Brodsky ’24 and Katherine-Aria Close ’23, is a women-run startup creating accessible technology for seniors experiencing social isolation to connect with their communities. The team completed the design and development of their Version 1 web platform and is now onboarding their first cohort of older adult users, community centers, and local businesses. WISE Cities participated in the Terp Startup Accelerator, working full-time on the venture. WISE Cities won 3rd place in both Pitch Dingman and the Do Good Challenge, Top 10 in the US in the Smith Draper Competition for Collegiate Women, and 2nd place in the TiE DC University Pitch Competition. The venture earned the award for “Most Potential” in the international U21 RISE Sustainability & Social Innovation Showcase.

Platybase, founded by Colleen Baldwin and Olivia Bruno, is a HIPAA-compliant visual diary that celebrates milestones between families and providers of autism care centers while increasing behavioral outcomes, creating community, and allowing center operations to emerge competitively from a historically analog industry. Platybase is a company founded exclusively by disabled women, for the disability community. With approximately 500 users actively engaged on their platform and three organizations utilizing their services, Platybase has established a substantial user base, demonstrating its value and relevance in the industry. The successful development of both iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as a web portal, showcases their commitment to accessibility and convenience for users across various devices. Notably, each new product release has proven to be a catalyst for increased engagement rates, underscoring Platybase’s dedication to continuous improvement. Furthermore, the heartwarming testimonials from caregivers and parents, highlighting specific stories of how Platybase has enhanced the individual care of children, serve as a testament to its real-world impact and the trust it has garnered from its user community.