Entrepreneurial Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to start the next Brazen Careerist or KBL Group? Explore these “Do’s and Don’ts” from a few entrepreneurial Pros:


“Keep it simple and tell a story during an investor pitch session.” – Ed Barrientos

“Fall in love with the idea that your product solves a business or consumer need and can do so at the appropriate price point.” – Michael Schwab

“Go out and make contacts, leverage your network of individuals that have a background or some knowledge base or expertise that they’re willing to share with you.”  -Michael Schwab

“Surround yourself with great people” – Steve Begleiter

“Listen to anybody and everybody, but don’t let them make your final decision.” – Steve Begleiter

“Do things that you love and are passionate about. Be authentic in everything you do.” – Wayne Kimmel


“Don’t bore me to death: Keep your pitch fresh and interesting.” – Ed Barrientos

“Don’t be a phony. Don’t get involved in things you don’t care about.” – Wayne Kimmel

“Don’t overplay the valuation card. In other words, be realistic about what your business is worth and come to terms with it emotionally.” – Ed Barrientos

“Don’t give up if the first opportunity doesn’t create a sale or a success story. ” – Michael Schwab

“Don’t let other people run your business. If you’re in charge, you have to understand what your business is about at all levels.” – Steve Begleiter

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