Entrepreneurship Do’s and Don’ts

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Take a look at these Do’s and Don’ts from some of the entrepreneurial experts featured in the “Center Stage” series.


“Listen to anybody and everybody, but don’t let them make your final decision.” – Steve Begleiter, CEO, KBL Group International

Start from the end. Who are you going to sell to? Build a vision of what this will all look like when it’s successful.” – Glen Hellman, Principal, Driven Forward

“Find outside advisers that provide experience in the areas you don’t have strength in.” – Liz Sara, Managing Director, Best Marketing LLC

“Keep it simple and tell a story during an investor pitch session.” – Ed Barrientos, CEO, Brazen Careerist

“Go out and make contacts, leverage your network of individuals that have a background or some knowledge base or expertise that they’re willing to share with you.”  -Michael Schwab, Co-President, D&H Distributing Company

“Make sure you put everything in writing.” – Dr.Gloria Jacobovitz, Tech Transfer Committee Member

“Do things that you love and are passionate about. Be authentic in everything you do.” – Wayne Kimmel, Founder, Artists & Instigators

“Stand your ground and show confidence.” – Doug Humphrey, CEO, Joss Heavy Industries

“Fall in love with the idea that your product solves a business or consumer need and can do so at the appropriate price point.” – Michael Schwab

“ Find like-minded people to vet your plans and to hold you accountable. Find a group of trusted people to share your plans.” – Glen Hellman

“Take every failure as an opportunity to start from a clean slate based on what you’ve learned.” – Gloria Jacobovitz


“Don’t surround yourself with people who have all the same skills and ideas. You want someone that will challenge you. Having people with different experiences ensures that the right decisions will get made sooner rather than later.” – Liz Sara

“Don’t let other people run your business. If you’re in charge, you have to understand what your business is about at all levels.” – Steve Begleiter

“Don’t bore me to death: Keep your pitch fresh and interesting.” – Ed Barrientos

“Don’t pivot on a whim.” – Glen Hellman

“Don’t give up if the first opportunity doesn’t create a sale or a success story.” – Michael Schwab

“Don’t be a phony. Don’t get involved in things you don’t care about.” – Wayne Kimmel

“Don’t overplay the valuation card. In other words, be realistic about what your business is worth and come to terms with it emotionally.” – Ed Barrientos

“Don’t chase funding too early.” – Glen Hellman

“Don’t be obnoxious” – Doug Humphrey

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