Worth Reading 10/5/2012

It’s another busy Friday at the Dingman Center with today’s very special Pitch Dingman session, hosted in partnership with the Center for Social Value Creation, featuring Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence Darius Graham, Co-founder of the DC Social Innovation Project, who is here to give advice to our more socially minded student entrepreneurs.  If you’ve been playing around with a social venture idea, don’t miss out on this opportunity on the first Friday of each month!

On to some of the articles that we found “worth reading” from the week!

In case you missed it, here’s Monday’s Business Rx Column from the Washington Post featuring Managing Director Elana Fine’s advice to Brain Sentry.

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur in Maryland. Get caught up on the latest on Maryland’s push for entrepreneurship with the Baltimore Business Journal’s article on the Maryland Venture Fund.

Let’s face it, startup offices are pretty cool, and for a lot of startups, the company culture begins with the place where their employees work. Inc. Magazine offers some insights on good office design concepts and cautions against falling into the trap of “form over function.”

Creativity is fuel for an entrepreneur’s brain. Need a boost of creativity? Don Peppers of Fast Company offers some suggestions on how to add a little creativity to your daily routine.

Have you heard of crowdfunding? Platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are fast becoming the go-to place for entrepreneurs of all forms (business owners, product developers, artists, etc.) to seek capital for their projects. Tech Cocktail offers a few tips on how to approach this brave new world.

And finally, some cool things to watch and listen to. Lincoln Wallen, new CTO for Dreamworks Animation, talks about why each new Dreamworks movie is like a startup.  Also here is a very interesting recording of a young Steve Jobs in 1983 giving a TED talks like prediction of the future of good design in computing.

Until next week!

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