Worth Reading 11/9/2012

With Digital Capital Week going on and the election just wrapping up, we hope everyone is having an eventful week!  We at the Dingman Center have been hard at work preparing for Global Entrepreneurship Week next week.  We have a full schedule of activities planned for the community.  Check out the schedule below for details!  As always, check out our Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on the latest Dingman Center news.

Be sure to join us next week if you can!  Now onto some things worth reading!

As always, we begin with this week’s Business Rx column, this time featuring ConferenceEdge, a tech startup looking for advice on where and how to find advisers.

In case you missed it, The Dingman Center launched the website for the new and improved 2013 Cupid’s Cup.  Check it out at www.cupidscup.com!

If you use LinkedIn, you’ve probably noticed the introduction of LinkedIn “endorsements.”  Inc.com explores how small business owners can take advantage of this new feature.

Finally, as marketing on Facebook becomes more sophisticated, like with its new “promote” feature, it will inevitably start to become more costly as well.  This article from Entrepreneur.com explores how businesses can promote their brands outside of the popular social network.

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