Worth Reading 4/12/2013

What a great Cupid’s Cup! One week out and we’re still coming down from our high here at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.  Congratulations again to EarthStarter, LLC for taking the 2013 cup, look for their Nourishmat to change the way we all do home gardening soon!  Thanks also to all our finalists for bringing their A game to the Cupid’s Cup finals. The judges definitely had their work cut out for them!

Did you miss last week’s Cupid’s Cup festivities? Don’t fret, our local media has you covered, read these great recaps from College Park Patch, The Diamondback, The Washington Post, and InTheCapital.

And on that note, here are some (non-Cupid’s Cup) articles worth reading from the last few weeks!

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to better leverage social media technologies to support their businesses, Entrepreneur.com features 3 apps to help you write a marketing plan and 14 steps to generate leads on twitter, and Facebook unveils the next stage of its small business education program.

The Venture Capital industry today is very different than what it was years ago, entrepreneur.com examines the current trends in VC and how a gap is emerging mid-level VC firms.

And finally, We’ve all heard of how hard it is for entrepreneurs to give up ownership of their own companies to investors, but this story takes that to an extreme. Wired gives us the peculiar story of a man who sold his life’s decisions to investors for $1 a share!

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