Worth Reading 4/19/2013

Happy weekend from all of us at the Dingman Center for entrepreneurship. Now that Cupid’s Cup is behind us, it’s time to start looking forwards to our upcoming events. We have one more Pitch Dingman Competition coming up on Friday May 3, come watch five promising student startups (and potential future Cupid’s Cup finalists) compete for $2,500 in prizes. Also stay tuned for more info about this year’s Dingman Jumpstart program, taking place in the summer!

And now onto some articles worth reading this weekend:

It’s always cool to see out region get recognized for being leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. According to this ranking compiled by Fast Company, Maryland ranks #3 in the nation (3 spots ahead of California) with DC close behind at #10.

We at the Dingman Center firmly believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur, but the culture of business often favor the bold and extroverted, for those of us who like to keep things low-key, entrepreneur.com offers a few tips on how to take advantage of introvert tendencies to find success.

And for those of us just starting out, Young Entrepreneur gives their own tips on how to keep one’s ego in check as a young entrepreneur. Remember to keep everything in perspective!

Sometimes, we need to look back to understand where we should be going. In the latest installment of INVENTORS, from PBS Digital Studios, we meet Marty Cooper, the creator of the cell phone, who shares the story of the first ever cell phone call, as well as his thoughts on good design.

Finally, it’s always awesome to see enTERPreneurs in the press.  In case you missed it, here’s the Diamondback’s feature on Evlove, In the Capital’s feature on Route Rider, and the Washington Post’s Business RX column on Earthstarter, LLC.

See you next time!

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