Meet the Pitch Dingman Competition Finalists

This Thursday, May 1, five finalists will compete at the Pitch Dingman Competition for a chance at $2,500 in seed funding. Register today and join us on May 1 to text-to-vote for your favorite finalists, and hear from FiscalNote Co-Founder, Jonathan Chen.

May 1, 2014 Pitch Dingman Competition Finalists

AnyWire, Ben Broch
College students complain about electrical outlets being in such poor room placements. Having to crawl under desks, tediously tip-toe over dangling cords, and suffering from incredibly archaic looking extension cords led Ben to create AnyWire. The product allows a person to stick an electrical outlet to any wall of your choice and whenever and wherever you would like.

Globoclub Fitness, Daniel Stern
A lack of access to fully equipped fitness centers exists for the 2 billion domestic travelers each year. Customer feedback shows that travelers are not satisfied with inadequate hotel gyms. Globoclub Fitness is developing a network of gyms across the country to provide affordable and convenient access to these gyms for travelers. A Globoclub Fitness membership allows short-term access to any gym in our network of high-end fitness centers during a business trip or vacation. 

Locks of Curls, Fredrica Antwi
Locks of Curls is a monthly subscription box service of hair products for men and women with naturally curly hair. Because of the mass amount of products available in the market and lack of knowledge surrounding them, many people are confused on what products are meant for their hair and which ones to try. Locks of Curls aims to create a fun, easy way to experiment with these products. 

MyDL, Maron Fasil
Physical documents are becoming a thing of the past as digitization dominates innovation. The goal is to support this trend by creating a digitized driver’s license—a mobile app that will allow you to access your driver’s license anytime, anywhere, without having to ever bring your card.

Red Coverage Solutions, Rohit Reddy
There is bad mobile connectivity within most buildings on the University of Maryland campus. This makes it difficult to make calls, exchange text messages, and this even affects emergency calls. Red Coverage Solutions will provide the students, staff and faculty an error-free access to their mobile network, providing seamless mobile connectivity, both indoors and outdoors. 

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