Introducing the New Fearless Founders Hatch Cohort

The Dingman Center is excited to announce the next class of student entrepreneurs who have graduated to the Fearless Founders Hatch course. These entrepreneurs have completed important milestones from the Idea Shell stage, including customer development and building their minimum viable products. Now in the Hatch class, students will use the lean launchpad methodology to further develop their ideas, iterate 1their business models, and perfect their pitches. During the first class, Elana Fine set the tone for the semester by telling the cohort they would each be expected to conduct 100 customer interviews. Throughout the semester they will also build experiments, find metrics that matter and measure them, and finally learn from key assumptions. Then lather, rinse and repeat.

Meet our Fall 2014 Fearless Founders Hatch Cohort:

Benjamin Broch
“Have you ever wished your outlet was located in a different part of the room? With AnyOutlet, you’ll be able to properly relocate an outlet into any area in your room. We all know that finding an outlet to charge up all of your electronic devices can be a hassle. AnyOutlet will solve this problem.”

AutoDrive (AutoDL)
Maron Fasil
“I plan on creating a smartphone app that would allow people to carry digital drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration information. These would be the two main functions of the app, but I plan to add other features that would allow for easy mobile transactions, such as paying tickets and fines, as well as setting up various DMV appointments.”

AZ ConsultingFF1
Ayana Cotton
“I want to empower creatives by offering consulting as it relates to brand positioning, marketing strategies, and making innovation work for them.  In a scalable way, I want to rid our society of the stigma that the creative is the most likely to starve.”

Bethany’s Organics
Bethany Monaghan
“Bethany’s Organics provides honestly healthy and delicious food for those times when you are on the go.”

Pablo Zalduondo
“BikeTex specializes in at-home bicycle repair and maintenance. We save our customers time, energy and money by performing our services at their homes!”

GloboClub Fitness
Daniel Stern
“With the Universal Gym Membership, you will have thousands of home gyms away from home.  Whether traveling in New York City, Los Angeles, or London, you will be able to workout at any participating gym of your choice without buying a full time membership or being forced to use a one-time only visitor’s pass.”

Green Shell
Joshua Tyler (JT) Stanley
“Green Shell seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making environmental reforms financially favorable for businesses. This is executed specifically through replacing disposable food containers with a sustainable reusable container system that will accumulate fewer expenses in the long term.”

Eric Golman
“Javazen is a dry blend of coffee, green tea and raw chocolate. It is the answer to the market demand for a better tasting, ethically sourced, and healthier caffeinated beverage.”

K. Sultana
Omar Goheer
“K. Sultana seeks to solve the prevalent problem of discomfort, caused by hot temperatures, experienced by Muslim women who wear the headscarf. Our business follows a social enterprise model that supports women’s entrepreneurship and skills development initiatives.”

Locks of Curls
Fredrica Antwi
“Locks of Curls is a monthly subscription service that focuses on both men and women with naturally curly hair. The service will allow customers to input their hair characteristics as well as how they usually style their hair so that each box sent is geared towards their hair type. Each month the customer will receive a box filled with mini and/or deluxe-sized samples to try and to experiment with.”

Rafiki BeadsFF2
Kikanae Punyua
“Rafiki Beads creates bracelets with beads sourced from Kenya.”

Adam Grudman
“Snaapiq is the first photo contest based social media phone app on the market.  Our sell is that we are the photo contest experts and businesses should use our platform for all of their photo contest needs.”

Social Chair
Brandon Schwab
“I am going to solve the problem of social miscommunication and event planning for young adults after college graduation though an innovative social engagement app.”

TWS Innovation
Douglas Falatko, Jack Rupple, EJ White, Ryan Smearman, and Vishwant Tatagari
“TWS Innovation researches, develops, and markets safe, legal cognitive enhancing supplements covering performance metrics such as focus, energy, mood, and more.”

Venture U
Travis Mitchell
“Venture U uses technology to bring practical entrepreneurship training to students in developing countries! We give them the tools to create their own social change and well-being by empowering teachers to teach our non-academic program in a culturally-relevant way.”

Sam Feldman
“Yolk’d aims to provide high quality protein powder in disposable plastic bottles to eliminate the need for gym-goers to clean their reusable bottles.”

Chetan Singh
Chetan is working on bringing natural sugar-cane juice to the US market.


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