Fearless Founder of Puzzable featured in Huffington Post

Ghedalia Gold-Pastor, an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland and one of the Dingman Center’s Fearless Founders, was recently featured in the Huffington Post for his innovative and socially minded startup, Puzzable.puzzable.org:

While brainstorming one day, Ghedalia and his college roommate decided to channel their extra energy beyond the basketball court and start their own gaming startup. Their app, Puzzable, is a social gaming meets SnapChat concept that also empowers charities.

The grandson of a holocaust survivor, Ghedalia has a unique perspective on perseverance and brings this spirit in his approach to entrepreneurship. In the article he says, “There will be plenty of distractions and disappointments throughout the journey but as long as you maintain focus and continue to push forward you will reach your goals.”

Ghedalia is no stranger to hard work. After bootstrapping his company, he began seeking funding and secured an additional $2,000 from the Dingman Center. He is currently seeking an additional $250,000 to further grow Puzzable.

Click here to read more about Ghedalia’s entrepreneurship journey in the Huffington Post.


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