5 Reasons the Dingman Center is Smith Proud

Smith Day is a new tradition that celebrates our strong community of Robert H. Smith School of Business students, faculty, staff and alumni. We are innovative, collaborative and driven. We support and empower each other. We are truly proud to be Smith Terps. To celebrate the inaugural Smith Day, we at the Dingman Center would like to share what makes us #UMDSmithProud.

Our Diverse Community


The University of Maryland, College Park campus is one of the most diverse in the nation, and the Smith School is no exception. The student entrepreneurs we see come through the Center come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, and the diversity of ideas we hear daily reflects that. It is truly exciting to meet students with wildly differing perspectives and stories, but who are all looking to explore entrepreneurship.

Our Engaged Network of Smith Terp Alumni


Smith Terp alumni stay involved with the Dingman Center on many levels. They are our board members, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, venture mentors at Dingman Fridays, Dingman Center Angels, guest speakers, Pitch Dingman Competition judges and coaches, and guests on our Bootstrapped podcast. Alumni of the Smith School go on to achieve success in the real world, then return to their alma mater eager to impart the lessons they’ve learned to current students.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit, Drive and Passion

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Part of the reason Smith alumni are so excited to come back and engage with students is because Smith School students are truly extraordinary. They’re talented, highly-motivated and ambitious, with credits to their resumes that few of their peers can match. They care about solving social problems, bridging gender inequality and shattering preconceived notions of what Smith School outsiders would think a student could be capable of. If you want proof, just look at our Pitch Dingman Competition semifinalists this year. When students at the Smith School decide to become entrepreneurs, we know they have the resources, drive and know-how to orchestrate their own success.

Our Collaborative Staff


Smith School students are amazing, but the Smith staff deserves a shout-out too. When we’re not promoting or attending each other’s events, we’re boosting pertinent news, championing one another’s initiatives and sharing knowledge of software, programs or—for when you need to take a break—opportunities for free food and fun. We’re all supportive of one another, knowing that we’re all here for the same reason every day: to help students make the most of their Smith experience.

Our Pursuit of Excellence

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Any staff member can tell you that the Smith School hosts somewhere north of 500 events each year. Every department operates with minimal staff to create sophisticated programming and events that help students discover who they want to become in their careers at Smith and beyond. The students, for their part, demonstrate the passion and ambition to take advantage of the opportunities and resources we work hard to create. And thus the cycle of excellence continues. We’re so #UMDSmithProud!

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