Pitch Dingman Competition 2022 received over 60 student applications, all vying for a piece of over $75,000 in prize money. Our panel of judges were able to narrow down our wide range of applicants to reveal our quarterfinalists and semifinalists for the Main Street Track and Quattrone Venture Track for the 2022 competition, as well as our advancing finalists for the Fearless Ideas Track. The founders of the semifinalists teams will each receive a $500 prize, participate in workshops, and meet with advisors in the coming weeks to help them further accelerate their businesses and make them more competitive for the upcoming Semifinalist round. On Friday, April 8 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., our 12 Semifinalists will pitch their businesses to an expert panel of judges at the Pitch Dingman Competition Semifinals in Van Munching Hall. We’re excited to see who wins the opportunity to pitch at the Finals event on April 26, 2022 for a shot at our grand prize of $30,000!

Read on to learn more about the ventures that will be advancing in our competition:

Main Street Track Semifinalists:

Crys & Co CosmeticsCrystal Pinckney ’22
Crys & Co is a marketplace for women to enhance their natural beauty with eyelash extensions. Crys & Co provides a directory of qualified lash technicians and accessories.

Fusion100Ilan Orgel ’22
Fusion100 is a clothing company shipping orders across the globe with unique designs that catch the attention of consumers.

MatMateJames Dawson ’24
The MatMate is a novel, patent pending protective device that stops the driver’s heel from wearing through their car’s floor mat. It attaches with carpet safe adhesive, making it a risk-free, totally unobtrusive solution to this issue.

North Star CreationsMat Parsons, MBA ’22, Elaine Parsons
North Star Creations creates products for parents to teach their children how to recognize and understand emotions. These tools will equip their children with self awareness and relationship skills to navigate through life.

Omega 3 LLC Edwin Djampa ’22, Virgil Sermon ’22
Omega 3 is the nutritional food brand pioneering the use of brain-boosting, organic ingredients without compromising quality, taste, or sustainability.

“SIERRASINVOGUE” or shortly known as “SIV” is a slow fashion clothing brand that custom creates clothing pieces such as crewnecks, pants, and shorts made from woven blanket material.

Quattrone Venture Track Semifinalists:

Athenus Financial Group, LLCCameron Williams ’21, Damian Shaw ’24
Athenus is the first fintech app focused on amateur foreign exchange traders. Athenus simplifies the market in a way that is more digestible and by using machine learning AI to analyze the market so that users can make informed decisions.

Chat HealthAishwarya Tare ’22, Veeraj Shah ‘21, Shobha Dasari, Neil Mehta
Chat Health is a digital health assistant that closes gaps in the healthcare-seeking process for university students and helps users access those resources through an empathetic design.

Gelectric Medical INC Leah Borden ’22, Matthew Dowling, James Borden, Wilson Sonsini
Gelectric Medical INC produces a surgical adhesive patch that will function as an alternative to existing sutures or surgical glues. The product has advantages for use in cases that existing surgical techniques fail and is a class 3 medical device.

QuandryBryan Houlton ’23, Ryan Downing, Peter Geertsema
Quandry gives small-cap retail traders tools for researching, developing, and deploying automated trading strategies.

Vitalize Sanketh Andhavarapu ’23, Veeraj Shah ’21
Vitalize improves well-being and reduces burnout among healthcare providers. We offer a clinician-centric cognitive behavioral therapy mobile app and web-based dashboard with robust analytics and actionable insights for hospital leadership.

WISE Cities, LLCMarie Brodsky ’24, Katherine-Aria Close, Victoria Chai, Sonia Warrior
WISE Cities designs accessible technology to address social isolation among the elderly. Our first app allows seniors to form local groups, and gives community centers and local businesses the opportunity to connect with this hard-to-reach audience.

Main Street Track Quarterfinalists:

Game Changers New YorkSara Blau ’24
Game Changers New York is a 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that collects and distributes sports equipment for kids in need globally.

Priority ResellAdwin Paul ’23
Priority Resell is a shoe consignment shop based out of College Park/Germantown, Maryland. Priority Resell provides customers around the nation with the ability to buy, sell, and trade shoes that are scarce on the market.

SOAL Sound Giles Oji ’23
SOAL Sound is an independent record label that currently offers management services to two independent artists.

Quattrone Venture Track Quarterfinalists:

Memento Digital LabsBrian Paul ’22, Ian Costello, Ben DiMarco
Memento Digital Labs is democratizing art by making NFTs more accessible and affordable to buy from professional artists. Our platform uses a checkout with a credit card for artists to sell their digital goods more conveniently.

Pet Passport – Dorian Stephens MBA ’22, Alex Sonnie, Anthony Small, Ogugua Obii-Obioha, Shahriar Jahanbani, Dorian Stephens, Musangu Tanguy Bukasa 
Pet Passport is an online network that allows vets, kennels, and pet owners to seamlessly connect and transfer animal records, behavioral data, and owner information on one platform.

Repurpose Farm Plastic LLC. Krisztina Christmon ’22, Benjamin Rickles PhD ’23
Repurpose Farm Plastic LLC. is designing a small-scale cleaning technology specific for plastics used in Agriculture.

Shellter Co. Daniel Park ’24, Zach Zhao
Shellter is a mobile platform that allows college students to find and join course group chats simply by entering their course schedule.

SoshiJason Steinberg ’24, Yuvan Sundrani, Sid Jagtap
Soshi is a platform that enables users and businesses to share all of their social media and contact information in one place with one tap. Our mission at Soshi is to help people turn new friends into long-lasting connections.

Tyme Joe Kattan ’22
Tyme is a marketplace connecting salespeople & decision-makers. We’re making B2B outbound sales cheaper & faster, all while delivering a better experience for prospects.

Fearless Ideas Track Finalists:

MysillybumDiana Velasquez-kolnik MBA ’22, Perri Moeller, Spencer Pretecrum, Bishoy Guid, Kushal Reddy
Mysillybum provides biodegradable diapers for eco-conscious parents without the additional level of effort required.

Presence Learning Management System Jason Alexander Fotso-Puepi ’23
Presence is a virtual reality learning management system that aims to increase student engagement and retention through the use of immersive technologies while giving instructors the tools they need to track and personalize the students experience.

ReGlassBennett Greenspun ’24
ReGlass is a company who makes glasses with interchangeable lenses. It’s made for people who want a cheaper frame alternative and people who want greater customization in fashion eyewear.

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