E-Fund Grant Winners | Spring 2022

Panthalassa Holdings, LLC

Student: Perri Moeller, ’23
Prize: $858.01

Panthalassa Holdings is developing land based aquaculture opportunities through the innovative Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. This will create healthier and sustainable domestic seafood production and create economic incentives for environmental stewardship as the RAS will be located in economically suppressed rural areas. As of 2019, the US Seafood trade deficit is $16.9 billion and these imports are causing the collapse of our natural resources. Panthalassa Holdings will help fill the seafood production gap in America as we need a network of sustainable land based aquaculture to easily and sustainably feed our growing population.

Use of Funds

Perri and Panthalassa Holdings plans on using the funds to attend the Industry Conference RASTech to showcase her venture and make important industry connections, as well as business cards to facilitate her networking.


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