Feature Friday! Room 242

Founder of Room 242, Kang Ewimbi ’24

DC: What is your name, major, and graduation year?
Ewimbi: My name is Kang Ewimbi, Entertainment Industry major, Arts Leadership minor, ’24.

DC: Which Dingman Center programs have you been involved with?
Ewimbi: 2022 Startup Accelerator and the 2023 Pitch Dingman Competition Finals.

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?
Ewimbi: Room 242 is an incubator for college artists that provides a pathway to the career young musicians want, and the communal support every young musician needs. We offer our residential artist development communities, modern label services, and events curated for the underground community. 

DC: Why did you decide to start a business in this industry?
Ewimbi: I decided to start a business in the entertainment industry because I know from firsthand experience how difficult it is to begin your musical journey, and I wanted to address those difficulties for the artists I’m constantly surrounded by. 

2022 Spotify Wrapped impressions of 242, a music group singed to label Room 242.

DC: What updates or significant accomplishments can you share with us about your company since your time in Terp Startup Accelerator?
Ewimbi: We’ve made it through to the 2023 Pitch Dingman Competition, earned over $7,000 in the last 6 months, surpassed a total 1 million streams on our releases, made plans to launch our first living space this fall, and booked more shows in the DMV area. 

DC: What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen?
Ewimbi: The most important thing we’re working on (besides our pitch!) is getting our housing option ready to launch this fall. From building the recording studio to setting up the house venue, we want to make sure our first space is the embodiment of a creative community. 

DC: As a student business owner, how do you define success?
Ewimbi: I define success as the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it. The closer one gets to that point, the more successful they truly are. 

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Ewimbi: My biggest piece of advice would be to start the business that you wished existed. Help the next generation by creating tools, resources, products, and services you wish were there for you.

To learn more about Room 242, please visit the website here.


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