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Entrepreneur-in-Residence: Rashad Moore

3184-cropThe Dingman Center is pleased to announce the addition of another successful founder, Rashad Moore, to our impressive group of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Rashad is excited to become more integrated into the Dingman community and to do what he enjoys most of all—helping young entrepreneurs. He started attending Dingman Fridays a few years ago and loved getting access to smart people with great ideas. He states, “Dingman is doing a lot of great stuff—if I had this in college, I may be further along.”

Rashad began his career in the defense industry in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., working for Northrop Grumman where he saw an unmet need for software engineers within the defense industry. After learning how to win government contracts while working for Clear Solutions, Rashad quickly realized it didn’t matter what company got the government bid, they would still come to him for software engineering.

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Entrepreneurship Professor Talks Innovation Opportunities in the Nation’s Capital

Recently, Jonathan Aberman, adjunct entrepreneurship professor in the MBA program and managing partner of Amplifier Ventures, was joined by Ed Bersoff, a veteran in federal contracting, on Federal News Radio to discuss the huge opportunity currently facing the nation’s capital: federal innovation and technology adoption.

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With the vast amount of tech firms and high concentration of software engineers in DC, Aberman suggested that the DMV should be seen as a tech region that rivals (and in Aberman’s eyes, in many ways exceeds) Silicon Valley. This creates a unique opportunity for tech entrepreneurs given the industry’s juxtaposition to the federal government.

Aberman went further to discuss the significance of the federal government’s adoption of new technologies, and the huge opportunity for the region to be a national leader in tech innovation. While Silicon Valley is very well known for tech products, the DC-area is driven by tech services. Smart entrepreneurs and firms may consider investing in R&D and investing in the shifting trend toward national security innovation, cybersecurity and fed-tech entrepreneurship. Aberman’s latest venture, Tandem NSI aims to do just that: accelerate growth of technology entrepreneurs and link them with the government.

Listen here for the full interview with Tom Temin.

If you’re interested in learning more about tech innovation and the government, be sure to check out Aberman’s latest white paper: Building a Bigger Tent for Technology Innovators: The Government Is More Creative than You Think.

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