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Dingman Center Angels: Year in Review

The Dingman Center Angels connects regional start-up companies seeking seed and early-stage funding with angel investors. During the year (September 2011 – June 2012), our team received 116 applications, screened 60 companies and invited 40 to present at monthly breakfasts. 13 companies received angel investments totaling over $4M.

Funded Companies:

  • 6th Street Commerce is an automated E-commerce platform that helps retailers simplify their critical business processes.
  • CirrusWorks develops a networking platform, which makes it easier and cheaper to manage infrastructure technology applications in non-corporate commercial buildings.
  • eco-armour™ manufactures and markets natural, healing skin care products based on its patented botanical shaving solutions for men & women.   
  • LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting.
  • Lemur Technologies is a software company that brings together experts in retail, programming, and social media marketing to develop innovative solutions for common retail problems by leveraging smart phone technology and social networking.
  • Seva Call is the next-generation request aggregator and filtering search engine.
  • Social Tables has created the world’s first social seating chart through its event planning and community-building platform.
  • Social Toaster is a social marketing platform that engages supporters to promote content directly to social networks while driving website traffic and providing comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of efforts.
  • Spinnakr increases click-throughs and conversions by automatically displaying the right message to the right visitor.
  • Spotflux has developed several unique technologies that bypass censoring technologies, protect privacy, and allow users all over the world to browse an open and free internet.
  • SpydrSafe’s mobile security platform provides IT departments with the necessary tools to safeguard corporate data
  • Target Entertainment Properties (TEP) is a Maryland based company dedicated to developing a suite of celebrity branded games across multiple platforms.
  • Veenome is a video enabling platform, translating video content into data for superior publishing, searching and monetization.
If you are interested in joining as an investor or an entrepreneur looking to present read more about the Dingman Center Angels online.

Additional Presenting Companies:

  • 24K National is the first licensing company to empower entrepreneurs to build unique gold brokering enterprises.
  • Airside Mobile is a mobile transaction platform enabling airport service and passengers to conduct mobile transactions for goods and services, cutting down lines, saving times for passengers and creating additional revenue opportunities.
  • ARCSys provides a web based on-line SaaS module that addresses the new regulatory requirements and disclosures mandated by GAAP and FASB.
  • Apeliotus is commercializing a novel diagnostic for early detection of macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease causing blindness in 1 in 6 people over the age of 65 worldwide.
  • Bookstore Genie is a platform that offers college students the lowest textbook rental prices in the nation.
  • Brain Sentry has created a helmet-mounted sensor that detects impacts that could cause a concussion- helping prevent further injury.
  • Contactually acts as a personal assistant for your inbox by collecting rich data on your email relationships, allowing you to effortlessly take immediate action.
  • Euveda Biosciences’ cell miniaturization technology enables efficient drug screening on the most relevant primary cells, resulting in less expensive and more reliable clinical trials.
  • flexReceipts aggregate consumer’s cash and credit card purchases into a centralized cloud based platform and provides retailers holistic analytics on spending habits.
  • Gryphn simplifies mobile privacy by providing enterprises with one-touch security and encryption for their mobile messages while not requiring any hardware.
  • Kidspotter is a wristwatch that provides a location tracking device for kids in theme parks.
  • Local Food Systems connects aggregated suppliers (Foodhubs) to high-volume wholesale buyers (like Sysco).
  • LocalUp Solutions powers hyper-locally branded restaurant discovery and online ordering guides for hyper-local cities/communities across North America.
  • Mashed Pixel has developed a protective case for smart phones that enables it to function as a universal learning remote, pushing real time ads based on user’s viewing habits.
  • mxHero brings file sharing to email by transparently enabling users of any email system to send and receive files of any size.
  • Parking Panda is a community marketplace that enables parking space owners to capitalize on their underutilized parking spaces by renting them out to a community of drivers.
  • Ringio helps businesses become more customer-centric by providing cloud-based solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Seguro Surgical aims to improve patient outcomes of abdominal surgery while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Seventy Degrees provides a revolutionary full-size QWERTY keyboard with full-size keys, yet small enough to be built into mobile devices.
  • Smart Composite is focused on developing technologies including a driveway snow-melting paint, paint on strain gauges for structural health monitoring, electromagnetic shielding paints, and a novel method of silent propulsion for marine vessels requiring no moving parts.
  • ti•ki is focused on family events offering end-to-end work-flow, planning, and purchasing assistance.
  • Tista Games is the HBO of games providing a platform for regularly scheduled episodic games that keeps players engaged with monetization for years, as opposed to weeks.
  • True Influence is a self-service ad platform for B2B marketers such as Symantec, IBM, and Xerox that are looking for targeted marketing leads.
  • Uppidy is a mobile app that lets users securely archive and organize text messages.
  • Urgnt.ly connects people who have urgent or time-sensitive needs with the nearest party to meet it.
  • Villagize is a social network and social discovery tool where all U.S. consumers can meet and socialize with their real-world neighbors
  • Votifi is a mobile oriented polling & analytics company built on a political network that uses polls & content to connect & empower voters.
  • Well Care Strategies developed a key product called TPS™ EMR, a specialty electronic medical record targeted to the wound care clinical segment that serves 7M+ US patients/year.
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