Feature Friday! JMakes3D

A 3D printed case JMakes3D created for a recent client.

DC: What is your name, major, and graduation year?
Garnett: Jacob Garnett, Material Science and Engineering, Spring 2021;
(And my co-founder who is not in Terp Startup) John Fitzell, Bioengineering, Spring 2020.

Jacob Garnett ’21

DC: In two to three sentences, how would you describe your startup?
Garnett: At JMakes3D, we help inventors and entrepreneurs get from ideation to functional prototype. We do this by providing affordable and reliable services including 3D design, 3D printing, and physical product development. Unlike our competition which focuses on mass production, our focus on functional prototypes helps early stage entrepreneurs validate their idea with customers and demonstrate their idea to investors and licensees.

DC: At what point did you know you wanted to create your own startup?
Garnett: During my Sophomore year after doing freelance with some startups.

DC: What or who is your biggest influence for your startup?
Garnett: Hearing about the bad product development experiences of other early stage entrepreneurs was one of the biggest influences on us starting JMakes3D.

DC: How have the effects of the pandemic changed your company’s focus or ideas?
Garnett: The pandemic changed the way we tried to find new clients. Previously, we found a lot of clients through in-person networking and referrals but with the pandemic stopping in-person events we are pivoting towards forming partnerships with other innovation-focused organizations like incubators and accelerators.

DC: What updates or significant accomplishments can you share with us about your company from the last six months?
Garnett: 1) 15 clients over the past 6 months
2) Pitch Dingman Semifinalists
3) Accepted into Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation’s Innovation Station.

DC: What are you hoping to achieve during Terp Startup Accelerator this summer?
Garnett: 1) Develop strategic partnerships with innovators in Maryland.
2) Develop workshops on the product development process.
3) Develop a two-year business plan.

DC: If you could give advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Garnett: Surround yourself with passionate people because they will keep you motivated.

For more information about JMakes3D, please visit the website here.

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