Bootstrapped Index Playlist: Startup Branding

The Dingman Center’s Bootstrapped podcast includes episodes ranging on topics from fundraising and marketing to team formation and customer acquisition. We created a helpful index designed to help listeners find episodes featuring the startup fundamentals that are most relevant to their needs and interests. Check out the episode playlist below to hear firsthand from successful entrepreneurs what they learned and implemented to boost their brand identity.

Bootstrapped Index Branding

Season 1, Episode 10 – Coffee Talk with the JavaZen Co-Founders: Building a Lifestyle Brand
Special Guests: Eric Golman ’16, Co-founder & Chief Energy Officer, JavaZen
Ryan Schueler ’16, Co-founder & Chief Relationship Officer, JavaZen

The pitch: Two recent graduate co-founders discuss how they situated their coffee/tea fusion brand to appeal to their wellness focused customers.

Season 2, Episode 16 – Social Venture Misfit Juicery on Leveraging Your Social Capital
Special Guests: Ann Yang, Co-Founder MISFIT Juicery & Phil Wong, Co-Founder, MISFIT Juicery

The pitch: Co-founders of a cold-press juice business discuss how accentuating their mission to fight food waste in their branding gives their product a competitive edge.

Season 2, Episode 25 – How to Navigate Disruptions in Retail
Special Guest: Brian Taff ’89, President & COO, Streetsense

The pitch: A serial entrepreneur and branding expert details the shifting expectations of retail customers toward a more personalized and approachable brand experience.

Season 4, Episode 43 – Bolstering Your Brand with Social Activism
Special Guest: Scott Nash, Founder & Owner, MOM’s Organic Market

The pitch: The founder of an organic grocery delivery service details his growth from his mom’s garage to over 1,000 employees through his pro-environment brand identity.

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